Meadow One Loft Race 2023

Meadow One Loft Race 2023


6th August Race 1 will be 350kms to 400kms 
20st August Race 2 will be 450kms to 500kms 
10th September Final race will be 600kms

Visit Benzing: Meadow One Loft Race Live!

Conditions of entry into VHA 110 Race will be as follow:
11th October 2023 from Mt Hope 600kms

1. Once birds return from final race owners will be notified and they can decide whether their birds are returned or entered into the VHA 110 race.
2. There will be entry fee of $100.00 to be paid immediately to enter this race.
3. Pigeons will still be trained and tossed leading up to the race as per plan.
4. The prize money that the entrants win Meadow One Loft Race will take 20% of prize

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