Welcome to Pigeon Racing Sports Australia 

Pigeon racing sports Australia has been set up for all Australian clubs / federations all across Australia. 

 Pigeon Racing Sports Australia is in the process of creating an information base which we are certain will provide a channel of positive information for fanciers at all levels.

However, for this to work at optimum level requires positive input and regular update from federations and clubs Australia wide.

There is much from which our sport can benefit when we share information on aspects such as;

—Contact names/details  for federations and clubs

—Details of special races, fundraisers, conferences being arranged

—Successful marketing/planning to attract junior flyers/new members

—Sharing of race information such dates and racepoints being flown

—In short —Anything that can assist our sport going forward.

To achieve this goal we need two-way communication.   Therefore please let us have information of your office bearers, planned events, successes achieved etc. in order that we may in turn pass this on to the fraternity in general:          editor@pigeonsports.com.au

We wish all fanciers a successful and enjoyable 2023 season.

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